May 2, 2011 - Shelf Hypoxia Modeling Team telecon

Monday, May 2, 2011 - 12:00 - 13:00

Elizabeth Smith Coastal Research Program Manager Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA) Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography Old Dominion University 4111 Monarch Way, Suite 300 Norfolk, VA 23508 757.683.5842 begin_of_the_skype_hi

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Notes from Shelf Hypoxia Telecon - May 2, 2011

John, Katja Fennell, Rich Patchen (and Yang; JingTao), Pat Fitz, Scott Cross, Ko, Matt Howard, Doug Levin, Eoin Howlett, Bruce Lipphardt, Alan Lewitus, Liz Smith, Frank Bub

Jerry Wiggert not available today.

(Travel monies beyond Dec 2011, to attend 2012 meetings?)

NCE submitted to NOAA.  Response expected in mid-May.

Science highlights: 
Made the observational data available....biogeochemical data for the shelf (LATX) for 2004-2009.
Scott -- they do have the map files; dumped into ASCII and are in the process of getting them into NODC.  Will take a couple of weeks.  Send Scott an email if you need to get the data sooner.  These data are part of the World Ocean Atlas. 

Rob- Martinho is done with 24 hour parent models.....making these available to Katja;  Winding down the simulations
Analysis to look at the influence of the boundary conditions.  Comparisons among the models; focus data comparision effort in places where models differ.  Want to do a quantitative model-model-model comparison. 

All 3 coupled models are set up, from Rob, and now Katja is running the physical models, with new boundary conditions; bathymetry changed......horizontal grid locations are the same, but depths are clipped to 500 meters.  Needed deeper points because of the nesting.  This has implications for biological boundary conditions for the deeper bathymetry.  Using world ocean climatotolgy to fill in the deep layers for biogeochemical boundaries.  This is for Nitrate and O2 primarily.  River discharges....using data from USACE; nutrients - USGS monthly estimates.  Ko would like the information about these....
Rich P is finalizing all river data.  Can we share river information so can insure consistency?

Ko - progress getting biogeochemical model into the coastal model.  They are building hypoxia model based on EPA 1D model.  Checking code. Want to compare Katja's formulation with Ko's formulation. 

Rich's plan (so Ko can be consistent) with coupled hypoxia code (katja's biogeocehemical formulation in FVCOM) is to start the simulation in Jan 2008; run thru Sept 2009 - two seasons.  Question from KO about data availability for that period.  Should have a separate telcon about settle on the period and the schedule.  Need to know what data are available for that hindcast period.  Eugene Wei has also been putting together historical data.

Scott -- are we using the cyberinfrastructure at all.  Rob -- no...the observations are not that big.  In terms of the model outputs...heavy use of THREDDS server.  It would be impossible to download the huge model data sets without THREDDS.  Eoin -- original plan was not to deliver input data to the models, but rather assist with management on the output side.  Matt well is the thredds server working?  Rob had some difficulty early on with stability.  But that has improved a lot.  Server much more stable; and faster. 

Any interesting science points:
-Hycom uses different river formulation (look at salinity)
-coastal model - super flow in 2008 -- looked very strong; almost too strong.

Rob;s results:

Rich - NGOFS....trying to get the newest version of FVCOM (3.1.5) with important nesting features.  There is a communications problem between passing variables.  Cannot get this model running at NCEP.  Does run at ESRL.  Plan is to start the hindcast for the above-mentioned time period....will examine the obs that are available for that. 

Jerry could not attend; John reports - got the software provided by Frank working.  Has identified some time-series from buoys. 

Rich would like validation of the water levels; will be comparing NGOFS against w/l. 

Ocean NOMADS rebuild and site is almost ready to go public in a week or two....easier to get to the data and sample images and animations in real-time. 

Matt Howard or Eoin:
Eoin -- thredds server has been hardened.  Unstructured grid work is going well......
There is  a new matlab njtoolbox; latest imeds toolbox.  Can now extract time-series from teh unstructured grid.  A small python gui will be demoed tomorrow.  Need to think about where products and visualization products fit into the project.  Action for Eoin and ROb....python code and division of labor.

Pat Fitz///pondering how to write up results.

Liz asked that Testbed-related talks being presented at upcoming meetings be brought to her attention.  Will be submitting special sessions to both the AMS Symposium on the Coastal Environment and to the Ocean Sciences meeting.  Hope that SH team  members will be able to participate in spite of uncertainties over funding.

Meetings include:


Scientific Meetings:

Chesapeake Community Modeling Program
Hydrodynamic Modeling Workshop on June 9-10
(see attached
for information and program).  This workshop will be an excellent showcase
of the work that has been done by the Estuarine Hypoxia group; many of the
workshop speakers are Testbed PIs, and SURA is providing sponsorship of this

Gordon Conference on Coastal Modeling on June
26-July 1
 While the oral presentations are invited and set for this conference, registration is open until May 29th and posters are
encouraged.  Rich Signell (TAEG) and John Wilkin (Est. Hypoxia) are
the co-chairs of this event, and Chris Mooers (TAEG) and Courtney Harris (Shelf
Hypoxia team member) are both invited speakers.  Rick L. is planning to
bring a poster covering the testbed inundation modeling work.  A small
collection of 3-4 posters would be a very nice Testbed presence to this
prestigious conference.  If you were planning to attend the Gordon
Conference, please register ASAP and let me know if you can present a poster
about your particular contribution to the Testbed.

Coastal Zone 2011 on July 17-21

- Doug and I organized a panel entitled "Modeling Testbeds: Defining the
Goals" with Panelists: Bub, Harding, Howlett, Mooers,
Tolman.  Doug will moderate. 

 12th International
Workshop on Wave Hindcasting and Forecasting and 3
Coastal Hazards Symposium ( October
30-Nov 4
th, 2011, Kohala Coast, Hawaii’s Big
Abstracts are due May 31st
Rick will be attending and will present a talk about the testbed inundation
modeling work.

12th International Estuarine and Coastal Modeling
Conference -ECM12  (
 November 5-7, 2011 in  St Augustine, Florida.  
with CERF every other year.  Typically very engineering oriented.
 Rick will most likely present Testbed Inundation work.

 - November 6-10, 2011 Daytona Beach, FL

We missed a deadline to submit a special session,
but there is a session entitled Numerical Modeling of Estuarine and Coastal
Systems (Conveners are McAlpin and McAdory both from USACE).  Abstracts
are due on 12 May.  If you are planning to present testbed work please let
me know.  There will not be a concerted effort for a Testbed session at
this meeting.

January 22-26, 2012 New Orleans, LA

Abstracts are due August 1, 2011.  There are
a lot of pros to showcasing the Testbed at this AMS 10th Symposium on the Coastal Environment, not the
least of which is that Frank is a key player and can offer a lot of control in
organizing a testbed session:

operational focus of this meeting, and a lot of NOAA folks, in particular NCEP
participation so from a strategic perpsective, it would be good for the
Transition to Operations elements of the Testbed work to be showcased here.

  -Frank will put in
a placeholder for a special session for Testbed.  Frank is willing to
provide an overview talk about the Testbed.

Harding will most likely attend since it is local, and participation by Shelf
Hypoxia folks could be very high due to proximity.  Likewise, there would
be a great deal of interest in the inundation work at this meeting. 


2012 Ocean Sciences Meeting February 20-24,
Salt Lake City, UT

Proposals for sessions are due May 16, 2011
-- Can be submitted on-line.  We will pursue
submitting a special session about the Testbed to this meeting.  It
appears like it will be THE one that most people will try to attend.
 PLEASE let me know if you will be attending and especially if you will be
presenting Testbed work at Ocean Sciences so we can coordinate.  

Elizabeth Smith Coastal Research Program Manager Southeastern Universities Research Association (SURA) Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography Old Dominion University 4111 Monarch Way, Suite 300 Norfolk, VA 23508 757.683.5842 begin_of_the_skype_hi